Nourish: Celebrating Summer Success

A free yoga, meditation and intention setting retreat to get your health back on track.









 A Holistic Yoga Therapy Retreat

Rest, reflect, and nourish the deep connection between your body, breath, and mind 

Join Niya Bajaj for yoga, meditation and intention setting practices to get your health back on track.

Retreat to return to your roots and reconnect with your body, breath and mind. Our yoga and meditation practices will help us reconnect with our purpose and set sustainable intentions to nourish our feelings of gratitude.

Together we will find presence among the ever changing nature of beautiful endings and exciting beginnings. 

Mark the start of a new season with connection in community

Are you ready to reconnect with yourself, foster meaningful connections, and start the new season in a good, peaceful way?

My mission is to create a safer, accessible, and inclusive space where you can reconnect with your body, breath, and mind while nurturing creative expression and building a supportive community.

Here's what sets this experience apart:

Accessible for All No prior yoga or writing experience required. Just bring an open mind and a willingness to explore.

 Mindful Practices This retreat focuses on wellness, creativity, self-exploration, and restoration.

Meet Niya: An Award Winning Yoga Therapist and Published Author

Niya is an international conference and summit speaker on sustainable self care. As an award winning internationally accredited yoga therapist and narrative medicine facilitator she helps busy professionals manage their weight, nourish themselves and eliminate fatigue so they can stay focused and present to create the impact they want in the world.  She believes in practicing what feels good in your body and recognizing that there isn’t one right way to do things that works for everyone. With her extensive experience, Niya has empowered countless individuals to tap into their inner creative wellsprings and embark on journeys of self-discovery.

Hear From Our Participants

"This retreat left me feeling better in my body, breath, and mind. I appreciated the sense of peace and safety Niya created with her facilitation. I am grateful for this space and energy and enjoy everyone sharing and learning through poems and reflection."
"I loved this retreat. I learned new things about myself. Thank you so much Niya! I wanted to shift in my mood, and I am feeling so much better after this. I am more positive and uplifted. This was therapeutic."
"The practice felt great. I found writing based on someone's sharing was a surprising gift. I was also surprised by how the heart and mind connect and disconnect. I appreciate the wisdom of the facilitator and the sharing from the participants as well as the deepness of the poems.

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Get your health back on track for the new year!