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Profile image of Niya Bajaj, your holistic yoga therapist, a light skinned South Asian woman with dark curled hair resting her chin on her folded hands as she looks out of a window and smiles. She is wearing a black blouse with long sleeves and a gray textured panel, accented with gold leather cuffs.

Hi! I'm Niya,
Your Holistic Yoga Therapist

I help you boost your energy, focus and wellbeing through the teachings and practices of yoga so you are at your best.


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Niya brings the ancient wisdom of yoga together with modern science to create an innovative approach to healing. I have worked with her to successfully restore full shou─║der rotation. She is very patient  and makes the hard work of rehabilitation seem like fun. I would give her a 10 out of 10 rating.


Lyria Majesky





As a trauma informed teacher and yoga therapist, I love teaching yoga for beginners and working with students 1:1. I would love to help you find a sustainable practice that works for you.



I have over a decade of corporate and governance experience in the private, public and not for profit sectors. I oversee the Bajaj Family Foundation and regularly present on conferences about anti-racism, inclusion and healthy leadership.  I would love to share my insights in accessible ways, with tangible practices you can use now.



As a certified event and meeting manager, and a former restaurateur I have planned large scale events and milestone events for over a decade. My event planning in Toronto includes PRIDE TO 2008, Toronto For Everyone at Honest Ed's, and the Live Well Festival with Bollywood celebrity Pooja Batra.  I would love to help bring your vision for yoga or wellness retreat to life.

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