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Profile image of Niya Bajaj, your holistic yoga therapist, a light skinned South Asian woman with dark curled hair resting her chin on her folded hands as she looks out of a window and smiles. She is wearing a black blouse with long sleeves and a gray textured panel, accented with gold leather cuffs.

Hi! I'm Niya,
your holistic yoga therapist

I help you heal burnout, fatigue and pain
so you can feel calm, energized and focused to realize your dreams.

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I believe

when you ignore what your body, breath and mind are telling you, you end up feeling disconnected from yourselves and your purpose - and this can make you sick - literally.

As a trauma informed teacher and yoga therapist, I know yoga provides evidence based time tested tools to help restore your well-being.

I hope

we can collaborate to create your personalized practice that helps restore your relationship with yourself in a positive, balanced way. After practice you will feel more empowered, energized, and much more focused.

Niya brings the ancient wisdom of yoga together with modern science to create an innovative approach to healing. I have worked with her to successfully restore full shouĺder rotation. She is very patient  and makes the hard work of rehabilitation seem like fun. I would give her a 10 out of 10 rating.


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Feel more calm, energize and focused.

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