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An over the shoulder image of Niya Bajaj, your holistic yoga therapist, a light skinned South Asian woman with short dark hair. She is seated in a chair, holding a book in her hands and turning the pages so the viewer can see, but not read, the text. She is wearing a grey athletic shirt and her lap is covered by a turquoise blanket.
Profile image of Ana Ramirez, a light skinned Latinx woman with long dark hair. She is looking at the viewer and smiling while wearing a white shirt patterned with black and yellow hearts, and a necklace with a heart shaped pendant.
"I was wondering what yoga therapy could do for me and how it works. My first interest was about learning how a physical yoga practice can be applied to manage different anxieties. I worked with Niya for over two months. We met for 4 1:1 consultations including a personalised yoga home practice. I had great progress because I started to feel more energised and at night I could sleep better. It was a great impact because thanks to Niya I got closer to yoga philosophy and I fell in love with the practice. I was surprised by all the benefits that practising yoga has and I discovered that yoga is more than physical practice. Since then I have gone on to become a yoga teacher myself and continue to deepen my practice."
–  Ana Ramirez, Toronto, ON
"Prior to starting with my Yoga Therapy sessions, Niya went through a few simple assessment movements and observe my breathing to design a practice that meets my needs, which included:
  • individually tailored and appropriately sequenced yoga movements (āsana)
    therapeutic ball rolling (tissue release / self massage)
  • conscious breathing practices (prāṇāyāma, chanting sounds/mantra-s/prayers)
  • diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • mindfulness and visualization practices
  • We worked on tension release for back, neck and shoulders and improved breath capacity for increased energy and focus.
  • We also did relaxation practices to improve sleep quality and increase energy.
I find these yoga sessions very impactful and empowering as they helped me replace my existing habits with new ones that relieve my back pain and deepen my connection to my body, breath, and mind. In addition, the sessions helped me a lot to get to know more about myself, my needs so I can shift my daily practice as needed to maintain a healthy balance. Yoga sessions with Niya have definitely brought relief to my chronic back pain and significant improvement to mindfulness and visualization practices."
– Blandine Karire, Brampton ON
"In 2021, I worked with Niya for around six months to help address stiffness in my shoulders and arms from working from home too much during. Her knowledge and responsiveness was very supportive during the winter pandemic doldrums and helped motivate me to stretch more than I would've. In addition to one on one sessions where she tailored a practice to address my needs at the time she followed up with a regular home practice so I can keep building mobility and strength in my sedentary joints. Her whole system body lens and helpful practical fertility suggestions were most helpful with my inquiries and anxieties"
Sharon Chakkalackal, Leslieville
"My daughter knew Niya through work and, liked that she was doing virtual consults during Covid. She thought it might help in my recovery post cardiac surgery as there was little follow up post op.  We had an initial Zoom chat after I had completed some forms to help Niya understand more about me. I was not a yoga person but enjoyed the suggestions and night time practice. She was really supportive and helpful in working with me to help in my sleep routine and some simple exercises to help me in my recovery.  It was beneficial as it gave me a plan to work through every day. Thank you Niya"
Lynn McFerran, Brampton ON
Three quarter profile image of Karlee Vukets, a caucasian woman with long red hair and green eyes. She is sitting cross-legged on the floor with her hands resting in her lap, smiling at the viewer. She is wearing a salmon coloured long sleeved athletic shirt and black yoga pants.

"I started working with Niya to help manage some wrist and lower back pain and some curiosity to learn more about yoga therapy. I love working with Niya on zoom calls and even getting visits from her assistant teacher, her cat Mexa! It’s a nice relaxing environment and easy to tune in from the comfort of my own home. We worked together for a handful of sessions and Niya’s calming energy and uplifting spirit helped to give me accountability for a practice that I can easily put to the side. I really appreciated her exercises that ultimately helped me heal the joint pain that I was experiencing.  I often still do the “gorilla fist clench” move to help my wrists!"

–   Karlee Vukets, Toronto

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