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Supporting you with the skills and capacity you need to be well to lead well.

Niya Bajaj uses the 8 limbs of yoga to create inclusive, accessible, engaging keynotes, workshops and courses, leading you through creative and insightful exercises that restore your relationship with yourself, your environment and your community as you connect, gain confidence, move away from fear, collaborate and adapt to change.

The practices we explore include:

  • mindset shifts for stress management
  • nervous system regulation for resilience
  • mindful pauses for creativity, decision making, and focus
  • adopting a growth mindset culture of curiosity and narrative competence.

You will learn how to reconnect with and restore their authentic selves, cultivate physical, physiological and psychological flexibility and establish trust in community. Yoga provides a profound framework for leadership skills at any level in an inclusive, easy-to-learn way.

Niya has never given the same talk twice. She knows that every audience is grappling with unique challenges, and every organization has a different values informed culture. Prior to her sessions, you'll be invited to complete a thorough needs assessment so she can better understand your audience’s needs and the event goals of the event.

Based on that information, she draws on research and best practices as well as her lived experience to develop a bespoke experience that addresses the specific concerns and provides accessible solutions. After a session with Niya, you will feel re-energized and balanced, ready to put these tools into practice immediately.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Decolonization 

Difficult conversations about racism, discrimination and the experiences of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, neurodiverse and other systemically excluded individuals are happening in boardrooms and dining rooms. These necessary conversations about moving from by-standers to active allies can trigger our trauma responses, deregulate our nervous systems and make it challenging to embrace the change that comes with seeing the world differently. Practices from yoga and narrative-medicine provide the skills you need to be culturally competent for improved communication, collaboration, engagement and satisfaction.

Niya uses her lived experiences as a queer South-Asian woman with a disability who is an immgrant to and settler on Treaty land, combined with a deep understanding and education of these issues to educate, train and offer practical implementable solutions to advance equity in the most authentic way.

  • Beyond Bystanders: Moving from observing to acting
  • From Diversity to Inclusion: Exploring Intersectionality & Cultural Competency
  • Shattering Systemic Barriers for Equitable Access
  • Courageous Compassionate Change Conversations
  • Authentic Leadership to Advance Equity
  • Braving Bias: Addressing the Conscious and Unconscious
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Personal Health and Workplace Wellness 

The shadow pandemic of COVID-19 has brought to light how important it is to have tools and practices to maintain your personal health, and to contribute to the wellbeing of your community. These necessary conversations about how we care for our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational and financial wellness are shedding light on skills deficits that impact our communities and our future. Practices from yoga and narrative-medicine provide the skills you need to care for all eight aspects of wellbeing, and in doing so to inspire those around you to do the same.

Niya uses her training as a internationally accredited yoga therapist, narrative-based medicine practitioner and poet-in-community to create space for exploration, experimentation and self-awareness so you can determine which practices are right for you now.

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Embodied Leadership Through Change 

Authentic leadership means living by your values, which includes communicating, modelling and translating them into action for family, teams, community, colleagues, and anyone you lead or serve. It is about doing what is right in the moment, even when it is not popular or not likely to be well received or accepted those in power or higher up the ladder than you are. It requires leading with curiosity, particularly in moments of painful conflict or profound personality difference.

Embodied leadership is leading from the neck down, and tapping into when our actions and words consistently reflect our values and commitment, especially under pressure and it is critical to human-centred leadership and supporting transformation in organizations, systems and structures. It is leadership is on purpose. It is conflict curious. It is trauma sensitive. It means being compassionate with yourself and others, courageous in the face and change and conflict, and inclusive of ideas and identities that are different than yours.

Using her training as an internationally accredited yoga therapist, and narrative-medicine facilitator as well as her lived experiences as a queer South-Asian woman with a disability who is an immigrant to and settler on Treaty land, Niya walks through the research, and provides accessible practices for you to build your capacity to tap into the wisdom of your body and take the steps you need to be well, and lead well.


  • Authentic Leadership to Advance Equity
  • Be well to lead well
  • Courageous Compassionate Change Conversations
  • Embodied Leadership: Starting from Scratch
  • Generative Conflict
  • Mindfulness and Flow State for Leaders
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