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Hi! I'm Niya, your holistic yoga therapist

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Thanks for stopping by! I help high-achieving women solve their weight struggles so they can feel healthy and confident in their skin. I bring my whole self to our work to relieve suffering and address imbalance. I work in-person in the GTA (Toronto, Canada), and virtually anywhere in the world.

My journey

Picture a childhood overshadowed by chronic joint pain, where running and playing were distant dreams. I was the fat kid in class, subjected to cruel taunts and fat-shaming from those who should have uplifted me. The hurt and humiliation drove me to seek solace in food and bury my emotions under layers of shame and the constant sense that I wasn't good enough.

Amidst the pain and isolation, a burning desire ignited within me – a longing for acceptance, comfort with my body and life. I craved the freedom to revel in my skin without the suffocating weight of self-doubt and guilt.

Fuelled by society's relentless pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards and 80's and 90's diet culture, I embarked on a journey through the treacherous landscape of fad diets and gruelling exercise routines. I cycled through disordered eating patterns from anorexia to orthorexia through my teens and twenties. Yet, each triumph was fleeting, overshadowed by the inevitable return of lost pounds and a sense of defeat.

Full body portrait of Niya Bajaj, your holistic yoga therapist, a light skinned South Asian woman with short dark hair and black framed glasses sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat on the floor supported by bolsters. She is grinning at the viewer and wearing a grey athletic top and black mesh yoga pants.

Finding My Way

It was amidst the chaos of a crowded gym, lying on my yoga mat in the afterglow of a transformative practice, that I had an epiphany. In that moment of stillness, I felt a profound connection to my body and a glimmer of hope for a different path. I committed to yoga, not as a means of punishment, but as a source of empowerment and self-discovery.

However, my journey was fraught with setbacks and pitfalls. My relentless pursuit of perfection led to injury, and weight gain. Determined to break free from the cycle of self-destruction, I delved into the study of yoga therapy at Yoga Therapy Toronto. 

I trained in the lineage Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, called "Father of Modern Yoga" for his influence on postural yoga and integrated practices of yoga and ayurvedic medicine. Over thousands of hours I unlocked the secrets of biomechanics, nervous system regulation, purpose filled mental health practices, and holistic healing.

The Weigh Better Way

Armed with newfound wisdom and compassion, I embarked on a mission to empower others on their journey back to wellness. Through personalized yoga therapy and evidence-based practices, I guide high-achieving women like you towards a life of balance, confidence, and vitality.

Drawing on my own experiences and extensive training, I've crafted the Weigh Better Blueprint, a roadmap to holistic wellness tailored specifically for high-achieving women like you.

Through personalized yoga therapy, mindful movement, and compassionate guidance, the Weigh Better Blueprint empowers you to reclaim your health, your confidence, and your life. Together, we'll unlock the secrets to sustainable weight management and cultivate a deep sense of self-love and acceptance.

Are you like me?

 If you've ever felt trapped in a cycle of self-sabotage and self-doubt, struggling to find peace amidst the chaos of life, know that you're not alone. I've walked that path and emerged stronger, wiser, and more resilient than ever before. I can be your guide on this transformative journey. Join me to rewrite the story of your life, one mindful breath at a time.

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