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About Niya


Every day, my yoga practice helps me manage my pain, and maintain my mental well-being so I can achieve my goals and thrive. I want the same for all my students.


I work in-person in the GTA (Toronto, Canada), and virtually anywhere in the world.

C-IAYT Membership #: 67301722

Approach to our work

I am committed to bring my whole self in relationship with you and our broader community so that we relieve suffering and address imbalance caused by injustice and return to our understanding that we are all the same interconnected universal energy.


About my practice

As a yoga therapist, I have seen the benefits of using the evidence based practices from the traditions of yoga to improve my physical, physiological and psychological well being, and I bring that lived experience to how I will work with you.


While I don't specialize in working with specific conditions, I have experience in developing safe, accessible personalized yoga therapy practices for people living with and recovering from discomfort due to joint injuries, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, PCOS and (in)fertility concerns, eating disorders, trauma, stress and post traumatic stress.


In my practice I have seen, and continue to see proof of the effectiveness of yoga therapy as an adjuvant to allopathic and other healing traditions, especially if you are living with a complex condition.


My professional background as an activist and public service has made me more aware that the healthcare systems in Canada, and globally, are rooted in and maintain oppressive systems that can make it challenging for you to advocate for care that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals. I am happy to support you in your advocacy and to educate your healthcare team if you would find it helpful.


If we choose to go on a journey to explore how the evidence based tools and techniques of yoga can help you achieve optimal health, I intend for you to find a safe, accessible, supportive space where you can access your inner knowledge to heal and transform yourself with purpose.


In the long term this will sustain a deep sense of comfort, connection and ease in your body, breath and mind, along with a deeper connection to your community and environment.



Full body portrait of Niya Bajaj, your holistic yoga therapist, a light skinned South Asian woman with short dark hair and black framed glasses sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat on the floor supported by bolsters. She is grinning at the viewer and wearing a grey athletic top and black mesh yoga pants.
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